Live life without limits when you hire a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle with us

Wheelchair accessible car hire with ORA gives you the freedom to be more independent. Perhaps you’re heading off to a concert, a festival, or a wedding. Maybe you’d like to go away for the weekend with friends or take the family on a week’s holiday. Or even if you just need to get out for the day, for an appointment, or simply for the joy of it, we’ve got the right wheelchair accessible vehicle hire for you. 

When you travel in your wheelchair, you don’t have to worry about transferring in and out or stowing your chair in the boot. Instead, you and your companions can travel comfortably, knowing there’s plenty of room for all. 

A man using an accessible vehicle
Steering wheel
Someone giving a tutorial on how to use a accessible vehicle

Travelling in your ORA wheelchair accessible vehicle hire​

We offer over 1,000 wheelchair accessible cars for hire. All our wheelchair accessible vehicles (WAVs) are specially adapted so you can travel as a passenger in your wheelchair. You access the WAV using a ramp or lift and then safely secure your chair. 

We’ll help you feel confident

When we deliver your WAV, we’ll show you how it all works and make sure you’re totally confident before we hand over the keys. Then it’s all yours and ready to take you to whatever you’ve got planned.

We’ll make sure there’s room for everyone you need

We offer wheelchair accessible vehicle hires that can accommodate 2, 4 or 6 people. So whether it’s just the two of you heading out somewhere or you’re planning a proper family adventure, you’re all set. There are a fair few seating options and layouts available, too. So it’s no trouble finding exactly the right set-up for you and your passengers.

What exactly is a ‘wheelchair accessible car’or WAV?

A wheelchair accessible vehicle (WAV) is a vehicle that’s been adapted to let you travel safely and easily, all while sitting in your wheelchair.

All our wheelchair accessible vehicles for hire have been specially adapted to allow you to travel comfortably with as many as 6 other passengers. So whether you need to travel to a hospital appointment with one other person or you’re planning a holiday with friends or family, our wheelchair car hire experts can find the right solution for you.

Our WAVs are fitted with ramps or lifts, so it’s easy for you to get in and out of the vehicle in your wheelchair. Once you’re inside the vehicle, you can safely secure your wheelchair in position with the special lock-tight restraints. They work like regular seatbelts, clipping in place quickly and easily but keeping you in position and feeling safe and secure as you travel.

Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle hire made easy

All our wheelchair accessible cars for hire are specially designed so that you can travel as a passenger while sitting in your wheelchair. Whether the vehicle is fitted with a lift or a ramp, it’s easy for you to roll up and into the vehicle, then safely secure your wheelchair, ready to travel.

When our trained delivery driver delivers your wheelchair accessible vehicle, give you a simple demonstration of how it works and make sure you’re totally confident before handing over the keys.

Accessible vehicle

“I contacted ORA whilst looking for a wheelchair accessible car hire near me. They were very friendly and helpful. They delivered on time as promised, explained all about the vehicle and its functions, all very easy to operate.”

Mr J Brady,
December 2023.

Things to think about when deciding on wheelchair accessible vehicle hire

Reverse camera
Back of an accessible wheelchair

Comfort while you’re travelling​

You’ll want to be able to sit comfortably and enjoy the view. Likewise, if you’re travelling with a carer, you’ll want them to be able to get to you easily if you need some assistance while you’re travelling. 

So have a look at the dimensions of the vehicle. You’ll see our WAVs are designed to have spacious interiors, giving you and your passengers plenty of room to enjoy the ride in comfort.

Getting in and out

It’s important that you and whoever is travelling with you can get in and out of your wheelchair car hire safely and easily. All our WAVs have been fitted with ramps or lifts that let you enter and exit the vehicle smoothly without getting stuck.

Space for you and your luggage

Think about who will be travelling with you and how much luggage you need to bring. If you’re going on a family holiday, for example, or getting away for the weekend with friends, you’ll likely need space for your bags and suitcases. 

If you need to stow a lot of luggage, it’s probably worth considering one of our larger wheelchair accessible vehicles for hire. That way, there will be enough room for you, your travelling companions, and everything you need to enjoy a relaxing break. 

Top 5 features of an ORA Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle hire

ORA offers WAV rentals from one day to one year, delivered directly to your door with everything included. So, you don’t need to worry about Breakdown Cover Insurance delivery or collection – we’ve got you covered. 

Spacious interior

Our easy-entry wheelchair accessible vehicles for hire offer a converted, roomy interior layout, ensuring ample space for you and your wheelchair, as well as your passengers. The lower floor and gentle ramp make entering and exiting the vehicle a breeze. No more struggling with tight spaces or awkward transfers. Every vehicle we offer has been adapted with your comfort in mind. 

Secure wheelchair restraints

Safety is paramount, which is why each one of our wheelchair accessible vehicles is equipped with lock-tight wheelchair restraints. These restraints keep your wheelchair firmly in place while you travel, eliminating any movement and ensuring you get to enjoy a safe and comfortable ride.

Customisable seating options

Everyone is different, and your needs are unique. That’s why our wheelchair accessible cars come in a range of seating configurations. You can choose a WAV that seats up to 6 people, meaning you have plenty of room to accommodate everyone who wants to travel with you. 

User-friendly controls

Our WAVs come with intuitive controls that are easy for anyone to operate. From the dashboard to the ramp controls, everything is cleverly positioned to be easy to reach for you and your passengers. This ensures anyone can confidently use a vehicle without any complications.

Enhanced accessibility features

All our wheelchair accessible vehicles are equipped with features like wheelchair winches, adjustable seats and specialised seat belts. It’s little touches like these that make it easy for you to get in and out of your WAV, either by yourself or with a little help from your companions. 

Side profile of an accessible vehicle
close up of the back of an accessible vehicle
Someone using an accessible vehicle
Side profile of van

Hiring a wheelchair accessible car means you can get out more​

Being able to get out and about is something many people take for granted. Popping to the shops, or the library, or going round to a friend’s house for a coffee and a catch-up – little things like these can make everyday life brighter. 

Or maybe you want to get out there and see the world. Hiring a wheelchair accessible vehicle is just about the most relaxing way to explore a new city. 

Choosing wheelchair accessible cars for hire from ORA is a great way for you to stay mobile, independent, and even adventurous!

How to hire your perfect wheelchair accessible vehicle with us

1. Browse our range

Whether you’re looking for a small wheelchair accessible vehicle such as a Citroen Berlingo, or a larger van, such as a Vauxhall Vivaro, we’ve got a wide range of adapted vehicles that you can hire.  

2. Speak to us

We’ll give you a call to check you’re happy with your choice. We’ll take the time to find out when you want to hire and what your needs are. We’ll answer any questions you might have, too. Then you can reserve the vehicle for you right away.You just need a few bits of information and a payment card.

3. Take delivery

When our trained delivery driver delivers the vehicle, they will provide a simple demonstration of how to use it and ensure you are confident before handing over the keys. We’ll even come and collect it from you when you’re done with it. 

4. Enjoy peace of mind

You can take to the open road knowing that insurance, breakdown cover and collection are all included in the price. You don’t even have to re-fuel your wheelchair accessible vehicle hire before you bring it back – we’ll take care of it. 

Hiring a wheelchair accessible car: your FAQs

We have the largest range of wheelchair accessible hire vehicles in the UK, and our expert team are here to ensure that you have the right one for your needs. Most of our vehicles are available with either an automatic or manual transmission. And whether you’re after a small WAV, such as a Citroen Berlingo, or a larger Vauxhall Vivaro, you’ll find we have a range of seating options and layouts so that you and your fellow travellers can travel in comfort.

You can pay by credit or debit card. We need a low deposit of just £60 to reserve your vehicle for you. We can’t accept cash, and we’re not able to accept pre-paid debit card payments either.

You, or the person hiring the vehicle for you, need to be at least 18 years of age.

It’s no problem at all for you to have multiple drivers when you hire a wheelchair accessible car with us. Just let us know when you make the booking. We’ll need a few details from them, but we’ll have it all sorted in no time at all.

You might need your vehicle for a couple of days or a couple of weeks if you’re planning on going away for a holiday. Some people hire their vehicle for longer than a month, and that’s fine too. Plus, if you ever need to extend your hire period, you can – just let us know 24 hours before we’re due to collect it.

Plans change, and sometimes the unexpected happens. So if you need to cancel, we try and keep things as flexible as possible. Here’s what you need to know:

If you cancel at least 48 hours before we are due to deliver your vehicle, we’ll give you a full refund.

If you cancel less than 48 hours before we are due to deliver your vehicle, we’ll give you a full refund in ORA credit so you can book again another time.

If you cancel less than 12 hours before we are due to deliver your vehicle, we’ll charge you a £50 cancellation/rescheduling fee. We’ll deduct this from your refunded ORA credit.

Search for wheelchair car hire near me and choose ORA

Open Road Access provides wheelchair accessible cars for hire directly to your door. As part of Proximo, we have access to the largest range of wheelchair accessible vehicles in the UK. It means we can always find the right vehicle to suit your needs – usually within just 24 hours. 

We deliver and collect the vehicle from you to keep things super simple. We’ll even refuel the vehicle when you’re done with it to save you the hassle. Both insurance and breakdown cover are included as part of the service. And you’ll likely be surprised at just how competitive our prices are. 

At ORA, we make hiring a wheelchair accessible vehicle easier than it’s ever been before. We want you to be able to get out there and do everything you want to do – live life without limits.